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More About Me and What I do.
Sometimes I feel as though I will burst if I cannot create. It wells up deep inside me and seeks for any avenue it can find to come pouring forth from. It is not something I need to conjure or manipulate into being, it just is. Then, when it comes pouring out in whatever form it chooses, I feel euphoric, content, peaceful all at the same time. It doesn't exhaust me, it energizes me and I cannot wait for the next wave to wash over me to see what it spills out of me. I leave a piece of myself behind in each thing I create, and yet never find myself emptied piece by piece, rather I am made more complete piece by piece. It is as if a piece of my being is birthed into light and I learn something new about myself each time. I am deeply inspired by the beauty I find in nature. It turns my heart in love towards the Great Creator who put in my heart this reflection of Himself. I get a glimpse of the heart of God every time something wells up in me that I want to bring to form. I understand more clearly His love and passion for His own creation. I do not mean this in a prideful, narcissistic, in fact the very opposite is true. I am humbled. I know my limitations very well. I labor and agonize over each thing that is drawn out of me, but God just breathes beauty and life into being. The world he created is such a gift! To think that He considers mankind the crowning jewel of His creation is an astonishing thought when you take in all the beauty that surrounds us. I give these fragile fragments of my heart to Him as an act of love in the same way my messy, beautiful son would hand me a slimmy mud pie with his face upturned with hopeful expectation of receiving a delighted response for the "gift" he made just for me. God could view them as a chunk of dirt with sticks poking out of it, but I believe He takes it the same way my mothers hands take the "gift" from my a sweet expression of love from a heart that longs to please.
I work mainly in oils and have developed a liking of speed painting / performance art.  It's a whirl-wind experience but being able to create works of art within a finite period of time is exiting.

I have used this skill in a variety of venus and I am open to sharing my art and expertise at your next event.  If you are interested in having a piece of art created before your eyes please contact me and we'll see what we can arrange.
Prior performance art experience includes ;
  • multiple worship services
  • fund raising events.
  • speed paintng competitions (ultimate painting)

Performance Works of Art